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I dont know where you live, and whether or not you get Cosmogirl in that area. A while ago, a reader wrote in for advice and her problem was very very similar to yours. First of all, if you exercise you do need to eat more than a "normal" person would, so eating a lot isnt a surprise-your hunger is though! You could try cutting back on exercise..but i dont think that would affect much (try never know). Before you consider medical probs, I would suggest substituting some fruit and dairy snacks with breads and proteins (ie/ a sandwich, crackers and cheese, etc). They take longer to digest and that way you are fuller for longer. If you still are super hungry even when eating at least 60% breads and 20%-30% meats (of your daily intake), you may have a thyroid problem. Basically, you may have a super active metabolism that burns excessive energy. Other symptoms of this that I've heard of are things like a constant jittery at night- are you nervous and worried almost always? thing you mentioned was that you eat till your stomach hurts but your mind tells you you're still hungry. If thats the case, you could have a compulsive over-eating disorder, or you eat for a psychological reason (ie/ for comfort..etc). If you have any reason to believe that you could use food for something other than food (ie/energy), then that could be your problem.I highly doubt the disorder though, because you arent at ALL overweight for your height. Talk to a doctor about it more (or a nutritionist/therapist). Also, try googling "fast metabolism problem" and see what comes up and if any symptoms apply to you. But after hearing what you eat for your meals and snacks, you really shouldnt be hungry that often. Hope this helps!
I understand what you are going through. I am a snacker and i am always eating something every two hours but i never really eat like a real full meal. A real full meal to me is like two bowls of cereal or like a sandwich and an apple. I would snack on yogurt and pretzels and rice cake. I am not overweight or anything. I try and exercise at least three times a week. Like yourself, I always find myself hungry. About a year ago, it got to the point where i would feel so guilty about eating so much that i would binge and purge. I am currently trying to get over that. I think that you just have a fast metabolism. By any chance do you find that you have excessive perspiration because I do (like my hands, feet, and underarms) and my doctor told me that it's because I have a fast metabolism and that's why I eat a lot. Anyways, it seems that you may have a disorder because it sounds like you over exercise (maybe to compensate for all the eating, i dunno). You should really see a nutritionist about it and see what they tell you.

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