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Hey, Caroline! :)

Wow I just worked out that you're TWENTY-THREE hours behind us here in NZ!! There's a useless piece of information to brighten up your day!

Anyway, Caroline. :D Why did you stop taking your anti-depressants?? :nono: BAD girl! You know you need to stay on them for quite some time before it's safe to come off them! I've been on mine for over two years and only since one week ago was I told I could begin SLOWELY cutting down. And I already feel different... so if you're stopping 'cold turky' you're bound to 'crash' sometime. Unfortunately it takes time to come off anti depressants. I'm doing it over a period of sixth months or longer to minimilise chances of a relapse.

And no one's telling you you're blind. It's not that you can't see, it's that you can't see CLEARLY and it's nothing to do with your vision. Once you've convinced yourself that you're fat and ugly (and you're NOT) your mind begins to see yourself in that same way. So until you give yourself a break and start thinking possitively about yourself, you're not going to feel better. :( I know it's hard. I've been there and it was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with in my life. But we here all understand where you're coming from and we know it's not an easy journey, so give yourself a break, missy! :nono:

A couple years ago when I was at my worst and I would cut myself, I would also have these 'visions' of stabbing myself. I think it's just that I was in such immense pain I wanted it to be more 'physical' than 'emotional'. I don't know. But it's something that would come up again and again and again. I don't think I saw it as a way of killing myself, but more a way of hurting myself. I thankfully don't get those 'visions' anymore, as I came so close to doing it a few times.

Caroline, if things are as serious as this, and it sounds like they are, you really REALLY need to get some help. There's only so much an Internet message board can do for you! And we HATE seeing you suffer so much. Please, seek some help and STICK WITH IT!!! :) Got that!!??? :) Sorry to come down hard but we all really want to hear that you're getting better! And no more coming off your meds so soon, okay?

All the best, Caroline!


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