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I went through bulemia and anorexia in a period of 4 years. Through that 4 years and 2 years after I messed up my body so bad that I did not menstruate. Although it may seem unimportant to does harm your body. You need to menstruate to cleanse your body. It may affect your later in life as well.

As far as other side effects, I had bad acne, sensitive teeth, bulging eyes and swollen face. I suffered from acid reflux and from vomiting so much on purpose I got to the point that once I was able to eat I couldnt keep anything down. My friends would find me passed out on the bathroom floor with vomit. I still suffer from horrible headaches too. I am left with heart problems among other things.

Now at 27 (7 years later) I eat healthy, maintain a healthy weight and surround myself with loving and supporting friends. I feel pressure to be super thin. I look back and realize that what I did to my body was not worth the problems that I dealt with and still deal with. Today I model and surprisingly that hasnt affected me as much as I thought. I work with wonderful photographers.

As far as your mom trying to talk you out of being bulemic. No one can do that. But you do need help.

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