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Thanks Emily for responding to my message. i didnt go to a counselor actually, but i made myself think that i was fine, and then i got hungrier when i went back to school, and started eating more. but if you say i have an eating disorder why do i weigh 140 pounds? im fat! i made myself before think that i looke fine and dint have to be skinny to be pretty and everyone loved me the same-skinny, normal or fat. i was alao sick of the nagging for me to eat more. i saw normal size girls at my school happy, and all my clothes were loose and i didnt look good in nothing. i could see my ribs and bones but at that time i liked that, it made me feel good. i weighed myself about 6 times a day. now i do like once a month. i was also sick of having to say no to the desserts i really loved all the time, but didnt want to eat because they were too fattening. my parents also took me to the doctors every two weeks for a weight chech and threatened to take me to an eating disorder specialist. i hated it. now they think im fine because they dont know about these thoughts, and i make it seem like im eating alot. i also took out self help books in the library. thanks again for responding!:) -your buddy Erika

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