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[QUOTE=girlygirl11]Charry Charry Charry, how does my garden grow? (or is it "your" garden?)

Heh, I figured you would catch on eventually that I am a bit of a worrywart (fyi: a characteristic of a person w/ an ED). After talking things over with my mom, I kinda realized that I shouldnt fret SO much. I can do it! (she said, which makes me believe it!). I'm going to bring up a bunch of foods, including ones that can be my fallback if they make something I dont like (ie/ pancakes for breakfast) or something like that. My mom pointed out that they arent going to make gourmet meals- prolly hot dogs, KD, its do-able!

Yup I do keep track of what I eat....which i guess isnt great because it promotes my calorie counting. But slowly (very slowly) I am getting comfortable with having certain meals (or foods) and not having to re-count the cals again. I'm also wondering if i should try to guesstimate my totals for when I'm up'll be tricky probably...

Ok to clear things up- this is the "friend's cottage" that I have been talking about all along. Originally we loosely planned it to be around a 2 week stay, but that was just offhanded comments. Her mom called today and finalized the plan, and we are going for FOUR days (better for me anyways)-leaving next Wed, coming back Sunday. I know I shouldnt worry at all, but I cant help it- I know I will....Im a lil calmer now, after talking to my mom and stuff, and I think things will be ok! (or if not, I KNOW i really can lose the weight lol)

As for the drinking- yes, it is just to get drunk. and we're not 18 yet (lol) so technically it isnt even legal. Now that I think about it, we probably wont, because her parents will be there. But if so, I know cals of some drinks, and if worse comes to worse, I refuse! hehehe But thanks for your drinking advice! :D

Happy Tuesday!

Hiya GG!!

I like that.."Starry Charry", BTW. Really cute!! How does my garden grow?? Ask me in about 2 months as I will be planting some veggies. LOL

OK, OK, I get it - you won't listen to ME, just your Mom. LOL Awww, it's OK, and I'm just j/k!! But you really do have the hang of things more than you know, and I am soooooooo envious. You should have everything down to an exact science by now...heck, you could probably write a book from many to learn from! ;)

What I forgot to mention in my last post was that I. too, am a MAJOR worrywart - you have nothing on me!! If I have nothing to worry about, I will FIND something!! :) So, it was easy for me to spot this trait in you. Funny that I stress about so many things, but yet, look what I've done to myself?? But is a DE-stressor, too. Funny how that works, you know?

OK, gotcha re friend and cottage. Awww, that's a shame, tho, that it got cut to 4 days. See, I really thought that this would be a TERRIFIC learning experience for you..that you would see, for sure, that you can handle this eating/calories/portions thing. OK, I getcha about bringing some food as "backup", but I soooooo hope you won't eat it. Try very hard not to, OK? Because this could be a very big "pop quiz" LOL for you, you know? A way for you to finally see just how extremely well you're doing. You can do this!!! I just know it!!!! And yes, I think definitely that you should guesstimate the else will you learn to trust your judgment?????

We'll keep talking about this, tho, in these next days before you leave. I will keep at you with positive reinforcement! :D I know you will be a success! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GG!!!

Charly :wave:

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