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[QUOTE=Quencher]Why, I haven't gone anywhere. :) Anyway, I binged again today. :( And I was doing SO well, too!! I can't understand why I can't even go ONE WEEK without bingeing!! Well, [i]another[/i] week, that is! I got up to 10 days once!! And I can't seem to do it again!!! ARGHHH!!!
And how about yourself??? :D

Well, it's now 11 something, about 1.5 hours since I posted that I have "binged"... once again. :( I THOUGHT I was satisfied when I initially posted, and that I was DONE bingeing, which is why I used the PAST tense... but... apparently, I wasn't done YET. Like I said, it's now 11, and I think I'm finally done....Okay, I KNOW I am because I can't POSSIBLY stuff anything else into my stomach. It wasn't a super-fast binge. It was a nibble here, nibble there, do something else, nibble again, do something else, and THEN 15 minutes worth of indulging!!!! And I feel sooooo terrible about this. And I feel dizzy, too!!!! Now... when was the last time I felt DIZZY after a binge?? Too much custard and too much carbs, I think, LOL. And after I started feeling dizzy, I ate some MORE in hopes WHAT??? To suppress the dizziness?? To FORGET the dizziness???? To make myself sick so that I'll throw up?????? What am I? NUTS??????????? LOL!!! And now what am I doing????? I'm sitting here dreading over it all! -sigh- But anyway, don't mind me. I'm just editting to rant 'cause I'm SOOOOOOOO mad at myself!!! And I'm trying hard to hold it all in, and not allow myself to become mad, but I can't-- not really!!!! I'm mad for having done fairly well the entire day, and then just SCREW up at night!!!!!!!!!!! And to screw up BIG TIME, TOO!!!! I'm trying to think of what triggered me. But I can't. All I can recall is that I wanted food. That I was LONGING for something to chew on because I wasn't full!!! (But I wasn't hungry, either!!!) WHY can I not control myself??????? :([/QUOTE]

Hiya Ms. Q!!

Awwww, sweetie....I sure wish I knew the solution to your bingeing. know, I just remembered something. You may have even heard of this, too, but in case you haven't, here it is: You put a rubberband on your wrist. Everytime you have the impulse to binge, SNAP that rubberband HARD!!! LOL I'm serious. You keep doing this over and over...until your wrist is sooooooo sore...LOL Well, I AM serious about this. Actually this is supposed to be for smokers who want to quit. Hmmmm, I should try this, too, for BOTH my vices - smoking and ice cream!! Anyway, you are supposed to snap the rubberband every time to get the urge. Supposedly this is a cure. I have not tried it, so I can't say. :D But maybe I should. Maybe WE should. Lord knows I've tried many other things. So whaddya say??????? Oh, BTW, I AM very concerned about this dizziness, Quench. I am scared for you for the AMOUNT of food you are putting into your stomach. This just can't be good and I AM worried! So...maybe you better get a rubberband soon, OK?????????

Charly :wave:

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