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Sorry I havent been around much..I went up to my cottage for a bit.

The reason why I havent really mentioned myself is cuz there isnt really much to mention lol! I am still counting and worried about gaining weight...I think I may be able to manage going away but I will be stressed! Thats ok though..

Quencher to answer your question(s); At part time, at most I'll work is 24 hrs/wk. I get paid $7.15 an hour, and that raises after 500 hours. I do all sorts of things in the bakery..decorating cakes, serving customers, setting up displays, putting out buns and breads, etc.

Char I was thinking...when you say "you have no appetite" in the morning, what exactly do you mean? Is it jut a simple matter of being hungry? Or would you get physically sick if you were to eat more during the day? Because when I was being treated, I was forced into eating bigger meals (obviously..) and now I actually am hungry if they are smaller then usual. Maybe you should try (if you dont get physically sick) having more during the day. It could be that youre hungry when you crave ice cream, and that your body has been deprived of fats during the AM so it needs to get some QUICK- thus making you crave a fatty sugar fix. I would definately try having some fats and eating more during the day, so your AM and PM are just about equal. Do it slowly of course..try adding only one breakfast thing per day (if you can..if it per week!). You dont have to start with the hardest (fats)..just start with little things, like extra fruit or something. Do it no matter what!! EVEN IF YOU HAVE AN ICE CREAM BINGE!! Just add things on to your morning..when your meals in the AM and PM are pretty close in size (or calories), with fats in the AM and PM, then you might not crave the ice cream so much...if you DO, then you might be able to now have more self control, because youve eaten all day as well. You may think "oh then ill gain 100 more lbs...probably MAY gain a bit, but you may also be able to controlt he ice cream thing!

Also, 2 cups of ice cream and banana isnt THAT much...especially if its like a no name brand...I'd say thats about 150 Cals/ half cup (at MOST..probably less!!) a 2 cup serving plus one banana is 700 Calories max...which isnt like a million calories..not a HUGE binge. If you ate the whole tub, then id say thats a lot, but a 2 scoop serving from an ice cream shoppe will have roughly the same calories. Or having like 3 beers...or A Big Mac (yes, only its got WAY more fat). So there are much worse things you could have- so I wouldnt stress about it so much!

Talk to yas later[/QUOTE]

Hi GG!!!

I answered your post yesterday but the Boards went down while I was trying to "post reply" - I saved it (by "cutting"), but couldn't ever get back. Gave up, and then forgot that when I sign off, I lose what I "cut"...which I found out later when I tried to "paste". It was such a long post, too!! Oh, well.....

Well, even if there isn't MUCH to tell, I still care about you and want to know how things are going. I am a worry wart, and if someone isn't talking much, I get concerned and wonder if everything is OK. And now Quench has been gone for a while, and I am REALLY worrying about her, as she has a very rough situation at home.

Actually, my having no appetite during the day goes beyond that, into...I DARE not eat anything that will make me sick. I can't even have boiled eggs, much less, anything else with fat in it, as it will llay in my stomach for hours undigested, then make me terribly nauseous. And if you have ever gone thru nausea, you know how awful it is. So, I don't dare eat more than I know I can tolerate. I know it's a very strange condition, and it has even puzzled Doctors. I have had sooooooo many tests, and all they can come up with is that it's because of the gall bladder surgery 30 years ago. They say we really do need every organ in our body, except maybe the appendix - back in the day when I had mine removed, they felt it was really a useless organ. But I have read in recent years - and maybe because of people like me!!! - that the gall bladder is there for a reason, and it DOES have something to do with the digestion of fats. Soooooo, there isn't much I can do, and I have basically been told what I already had figured out, that I need to stay away from anything that makes me sick. Being that I have my "breakfast" toward mid afternoon, I really feel quite full, and remain so until around 9pm, by which time I've developed an appetite, and can eat some things that I probably shouldn't, of course. As for my lat-night ice cream....hmmmm......I can honestly say it really isn't about hunger at all - it's a craving, a want, a need, a must-have, and all kinds of disgusting things like that. THAAT is the habit??? I really must break, but of which, so far, has been oh so painfully impossible to accomplish. I guess that IS what makes this an eating disorder, I suppose. Food should only be a NEED when one is hungry - it shouldn't be an addiction, which is certainly how I've come to think of it. See? And now you know why I hate discussing myself - I feel soooo many negatives about it.

I do so understand how you feel about counting calories and watching your weight. How could I possiblt blame you??????? If I did that I wouldn't be where I'm at today. I actually think you are doing pretty well! I think you handled your birthday weekend like most anyone would, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy what you ate, and not let it ruin the celebrations. I just know you will do wonderfully when you are having the 2 week stay with your friend!
Hope you've been having a terrific weekend!!

Charly :wave:

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