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I don't weigh the amount you do, but Im recovering from an ED. Having an eating disorder really doesn't have a lot to do with your weight being very very low. Sure, this is one of the consequences, but think about the term "eating disorder". All it suggest is that the person has a problem with eating- nothing about weight. An eating disorder is a disorder of the mind- no matter what weight yu are, when you have these thoughts, you need help. In many bulimics (like you said you are) don't drop weight very rapidly like anorexics do (because even if you purge, the calories are already absorbed...), and therefore they can conceal their disease more effectively and for a longer amount of time. This doesnt help!!! Even if you are overweight, if you have ED-like thoughts, you need help. It's only a matter or time before it gets worse.

If you still don't feel comfortable going to an ED clinic, why not try talking to your doctor or a therapist- they'll listen to you and give their opinion (but be careful, in my experience, family doctors do NOT know how to go about dealing with this, and may just say you have "disordered eating, not an eating disorder", or "its just a phase") You know you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it!

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