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I have been having a dream pretty frequently that I guess is associated with bulimia. In my dream, my teeth keep falling out. I will notice that one is loose and wiggle it a bit, and to my horror, it falls out. It is in the back of my mouth, so I hope that no one will notice the gap in my mouth. But then, more start falling out of my mouth. In the dream, I usually wake up or sit up in bed (I am always in bed in the dream) and wish that it was all a dream only to discover that it really is true and that all of my teeth have fallen out during the night. I then wake up for real and find out, thankfully that this has not happened. Having my teeth fall out is something that I worry about during the day when I am not sleeping, so it is no wonder that this anxiety creeps into my dreams. My teeth are already discolored and loose. I find myself constantly feeling around in my mouth to see if they are all there, and I am always wiggling them. When I am making myself throw up or brush my teeth or bite down on somthing, I am always afraid that one will pop out. This kind of seems like OCD in a way. I have no medical insurance and cannot afford to see a dentist, so if I do lose my teeth, there is nothing that I can do about it. I also have to keep my mouth closed and try not to smile, so that no one can see how discolored and ugly my teeth are. Does anyone else have similiar nightmares or distressing thoughts during the day about bulimia, particularly about oral problems?

I am sorry this post is so long and rambling. I hope you can make some sense of it!

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