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Just thought I would share a bit of information I just got....It is not recommended to brush your teeth after vomiting, because it brushes the acid deeper into your teeth. Instead rinse your mouth with warm water and drink a glass of juice or eat something small before brushing your teeth. Just though I would share this information, because I always brushed my teeth rigorously after vomiting. :bouncing:
that's what i heard too. it didn't really make sense at first .then when you think about it, it really does.
Actually I've asked a nurse that one time and she said it was false. It's not true so dont worry about it. It you really are then ok but thats what I heard. That its not true.
I recently had the courage to ask my dentist about this. my therapist urged me to do so. he said that you do NOT want to brush your teeth afterwards because your tooth enamel is sensitive/already exposed to stomach acids and you will further damage your enamel by brushing them.

he also agreed with me that to take a little baking soda - about a teaspoon - and swish with it afterwards - is good because it neutralizes the acid buildup in your mouth left over from the purging.

i don't want to give tips on how to throw up better or blah blah, but while we are going through this ugly journey it would be best to end up with a smile that is in tact. i have seen what years of bulimia can do to a person's mouth and it is not pretty.

also - use ACT. it is a floride rinse. my dentist said it would strenghthen the tooth enamel and counteract any damage i do.

remember to love yourself.

If you must purge then brush with baking soda. But no matter what you do your teeth, as well as everything else, will suffer. Love to all, Strega

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