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hey there! wow this is gonna take a while but i want some one who has had anerexia depression bulimia obsesive cokmpulsive disorder to help me to help myself because i have gone to docters and seen therapist and talked to friends but no matter how much support they give me im always shown back to my old ways....i was really good about not throwing up for over 6 or 7 monthes and then i started again and its worser than ever and i want to be cured i dont want to think about it all the time! ugh, sometiems i wonder if i ever carea bout anything souless it seems and i feel fat all the time but theres no way i can be because anythin i eat is fat free even when i do throw it up...i couldnt stand to eat anything that isnt...ugh....i hate it...i cant eat anything i cant even eat corn...or cheese or stuff so simple that someone whould be liek why the hell not...ugh....and well i dont know what to do...
will some one please help

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