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Re: Relapse?
Aug 4, 2004
you're coming back to your old ways because you are looking for ways to cope. your just trying to survive. bulimia to us is a survival mechanism, a way of living through the pain and the ugliness.

step back and start looking for ways to nurture yourself, take care of yourself. let yourself cry. let yourself have a little bit of chocolate every once in awhile. if you think you can't handle that then just buy a little and go home and eat it. distract yourself from the bulimia with other things. what makes you happy? reading? friends? sleeping in late on some days?

and then sometimes we have to just sit with the uncomfortable feelings. i HATE to do that, but it's when i know that i must that i cringe and sit there, gritting my teeth, hating every minute of it. but you have to morn. and eating or drinking yourself silly won't speed up the process. it will only hinder it becuase it will keep you from dealing with it.

grief sucks. being away from your familiar - what is familiar to you - is very, very hard. the only real thing that heals that is time. eventually, though, you will be able to move on.

some days you might not make it - you may overeat. but cut yourself a little slack. life is not perfect and the guy that falls in love with you next is going to fall in love with all of you - the part that overeats, the part that wants to be happy, and all the other parts of you. other days you will succeed. it's easy to fall back into our old habits when we are trying to cope, so take it easy. i hope i could be of some help.


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