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[QUOTE=Celtic Lady]Hey again..

You asked me what finally motivated me to lose weight, and I'd have to say more than anything it was my health. I was so sickl from my kidneys that I had to hang on to things just to walk across the floor. Even before that, I was tired of having back and leg aches from walking too much. I would also experience shortness of breath all the time. My secondary motivation was that I'd had enough of feeling trapped in my own body. I couldn't stand looking in the mirror at my round puffy face with 3 chins. My weight kept me from doing so many things and I just wanted to get my life back.

I'm not sure exactly how much I lost, because I was too afraid to weigh myself in the beginning. I don't allow scales in the house and I didn't weigh myself at all for the first 9 months. When I finally did, I weighed 123 pounds. I would guess that I started out around 200 pounds. I could barely squeeze into a size 18. I probably lost around 90/95 pounds. I started the last week in February and was down to a size 7/8 by October...5/6 by December.

I didn't use any diet aids and I didn't even exercise at first, but I still lost weight. I worked on healing my body along with eating properly. You'll lose weight a lot faster if your body is healthy.

First of all, I think your nausea during the day might be caused by your overeating at night. The acid is just laying there in your stomach all night. I still snacked at night when I first started my diet, but instead of ice cream and other sweets, I started snacking on some of my favorite fruits. Also, some type of mint tea, such as peppermint or spearmint tea, or chamomile tea, would help your nausea. If you don't have access to a health food store which sells herbs, go ahead and buy some at the grocery store,(like Celestial Seasonings) but you should know that they're never as strong or effective. It'll do if that's all you can get ahold of.

I lost my weight so easily this time around. It was almost too easy. The fat just melted right off. It's just a matter of educating yourself and knowing what types of foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

One biggie to avoid is any colas and especially diet colas. I used to be 6 pack a day diet pepsi junkie, but after being scared to death I was going to die of kidney failure, it wasn't that hard to give it up. Both types of colas are just horrible on your body. Carbonated water destroys your bones. You need healthy bones to produce healthy blood cells. You need all your body's systems functioning properly for optimal weight loss. Then there's the sugar. On another night, I'll tell you about the harmful effects of sugar and some healthy alternative sugars. No one needs artificial sweetners, especially aspartame. It can actually prevent you from losing weight, and did you know it turns to formaldehyde when it reaches a certain temperature? I've tried to tell my obese mother that, but she just says that at least she'll be well-preserved when she dies. :rolleyes: LOL

Another thing I cut out of my diet was all processed foods. There are so many chemical additives in these foods. They taxing your entire system when you eat them. Your blood becomes impure. Your organs have to work harder to digest and clean out all the toxins. Another reason to avoid them is that they're so overprocessed that they've been robbed of all their life-giving properties. I don't see how it's legal to even call some of that stuff food. LOL If your body isn't getting the proper nutrients, doesn't it stand to reason that it will constantly be craving more food? I'm not saying that no one should stop eating them completely. A little treat once in a while doesn't hurt anything. I have a soft drink every once in a great while, but even while losing weight, I never drank diet. That should be avoided completely. I watch my calories closely, but I'd rather have the calories from regular soft drinks than ingest anything with aspartame.

If you want me to continue on, I will. I don't want to bore you. I won't be offended. My way isn't for everyone, I'm sure, but if you're interested, I don't mind talking about my favorite obsession..weight loss. I honestly believe that with enough knowledge and determination, anyone can lose weight. I would only hope that they don't take it to an extreme like I have done.


Hi CL!

You're so kind to provide me with so much info. No, this doesn't bore me at all! Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact. Thing is...while I WANT to be like you and lose the weight....I just can't seem to. I...NEED food and I don't know how to halt its allure. I'm just so disgusted with myself and my inability to do what I KNOW I must. This is why I am very much hoping that the hypnotherapy will help. I don't know what else to do.

Actually, I'm fine during the day as long as I stick to carbs. I only would get nauseated if I ate something with fat in it, like pancakes or eggs....not that I should be eating them, anyway!!! So I suppose it's just as well. However, this could be part of my problem at night - I feel I have been "punished" by having to eat the way I do during the day, so that by night, when I CAN tolerate some fats, I go a bit overboard!

I'm not a pop drinker at all. Another problem I had in the past was ulcers and I was warned to stay away from them because of the acid content. So, I drink lots of water, and some decaf coffee in the which I put Equal...and on my cereal, too. I had nooo idea it was a bad thing!! I've been using it for more years than I can remember. But if I DIDN'T, I shudder to think what I would weigh!!

Are you still losing weight? I have heard of this sort of thing happening before...people who were obese, then lose...but keep on losing, and it becomes, as you termed it, an obsession. I hope that there is a way to turn this around for you. You worked so hard to get healthy, so I know you must not want to become ill again...right????? :) Thank you again!!!

Char :wave:

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