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Hi Joe

First of all, acne is a teenage thing...we all go thru it and most times we clear up later in life. I have acne too, and although its really hard and unfair, it really is NOT worth losing your life, or your health over.

As for dieting because of acne- I dont believe it. Yes, many ppl do claim that a dairy/sugar/wheat free diet can "cure" acne, but is it worth it? Why dont you try to eat healthy, but not fast, and just drink LOTS of water. You not being stressed about your eating alone can help clear you up (stress really does cause zits).

As for the bingeing, I think it has to do with the fact that you are so hungry and not used to eating such a radically different diet. Honestly, I think you are taking on too much at once. Cutting out everything to the point where all you can eat is fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds is ridiculous. Who can live like that? It isnt healthy for your BODY, let alone anything else! Try eating a healthy, balanced diet, and drink ONLY water (and milk for breakfast). Get lots of veggies and fruits in, but choose them as snacks or sides- not whole meals. Have lean meats- chicken, pork, fish, turkey, and avoid fried things. When having starches, have brown- whole grains are best when possible, and always try for the brown instead of the white (ie/ brown rice over white)- baked potatoes are also really good. You dont have to completely cut out greasy things, just have them ONCE IN A WHILE. If you have pizza once a week, that's fine- you can also dab it to get the grease off! Drinking at least 2 L of water a day (or 4 little bottles, or 2 big ones) will also really really help you. Go outside too, and get some fresh air. Try to reduce the stress in your life by not worrying about food- and you DONT have to beat yourself up about it, that's for sure. You're not the only person in the world to have acne, so its not like you are some freak of nature- people understand (even though you feel they dont!). Try to enjoy your teens, and try not to stress yourself out- that only leads to more zits!

Also a tip re: acne- dont use ANYTHING on your face except something that removes zits (like BP, or soemthing prescribed). This includes sunscreen (just avoid the sun when possible), mosturizers, lotions, etc. I used Benzamycin for many years and it works really well to dry up zits. I'm sure you have smoething already though!

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