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I am 23, almost 24 . And you? And yes, I absolutely have binging episodes still. But less and farther between because I now have more ability to get them under control due to things I have learned in class and just along the journey. But yes, I think it will possibly always be a part of me... just a part of me that I will hopefully eventually foster all the power I need to gain control of when that side emerges. haha

128 is on the thin side for a 5'7" girl... although a lot of it depends on your frame size, as well. Do me a favor if you can: get out a tape measure and give me a measurement of your wrist at its smallest point. I can sort of give you an idea from that what a healthy (realistic) range is for you. On the BMI (Body Mass INdex) scale, 5'7", 128 Lbs would bring you to a 20.0. Still in the "normal" range, but on the low end. (Anything below 18.5-19 is considered underweight and anything over 25 is considered overweight, with calculations above 30 being "obese") But, given that a girl who is 5'7" and 128 lbs has a large frame or possibly even medium, 128 could mean that that is not necessarily a healthy weight for you to be. And as most of us who have been at a fairly low weight know... if your body decides you are too thin... it will let you know! And that often means binging is a good bet sooner or later....

I do work outside the house at a gym, but only part time. I also have a stay at home job at night just basically for extra money here and there. I will be going to school next year though since my son will be 4 and I supposed that that is an ok age for him to start preschool. CAuse at least then, if something is going awry at the daycare he is old enough to let me know! Haha! I was always so worried about putting him in because of the horror stories you hear from people about what goes on inside them. (Not to mention, they are expensive) And I also figured.... hes only little and growing this fast once in his (and my) whole lifetime... Looking back on this time years from now, I wont regret missing out on work... but I know I would look back and regret missing him grow up with me there everyday if I decided a job was more important.

So, :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing: yay for you on no binges and no weighing!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:
( Too bad they dont have one of those guys shaking pom-poms or something ) For the cookout, perhaps a day or so ahead of time, you should write out some of the foods you know will be there and then build a list of the things you really want to eat...choose just a few that you feel like you cant live without (the chocolate cake, yes, but a normal size piece, and only one!) built around a large salad and some lean grilled meat like chicken. And remember to drink water first, then eat the vegetables or fruit - a large portion and then the meat. Eat the cake and any other treats you chose last... hopefully by then , you will be fuller from the water and other things and you will not be as likely to binge. Also , eating some fruit or vegetables and drinking water before you even leave for the cookout will hopefully help too. Whateveryou do - DONT ARRIVE THERE HUNGRY! Planning things beforehand has really helped me. Also, try to focus on enjoying the people around you and their company because honestly, isnt that what cookouts, bbqs and other "parties" were orginated for? A bunch of people getting together to spend time with one another! [/FONT] [/COLOR] [/I] [/B]

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