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First of all I want to tell you that you are already very thin for your height and a beautiful and caring person. You are not fat.
I am not sure if you had mentioned having IBS but I remember a post some time ago about that. Anyway, I have IBS and I always had a huge stomach, always bloated and feeling full. My advice is to drink plenty of water, water is sugar free, fat free, calorie free. I think it's the only thing that has made my stomach shrink. Try and avoid certain foods each day and find out what the cause is. For example I do not tolerate dairy products, they make my stomach huge and I gain weight really fast when I eat dairy. But I need the calcium so I only eat 1/4 cup cottage cheese and skim milk in my one cup of coffee a day. But I try to eat veggies that have calcium and take a calcium supplement.
My sister has IBS too and she stays away from all wheat products and certain veggies like tomatos and peppers (red, yellow, green). You really need to play around with the food you eat often to find out why you are bloated. I certainly think that once you figure it our your tummy will be flat and you will feel better.
Drink your water!!!!
Please don't restrict anymore you really are very thin. Take care of yourself you have come so far and worked so hard.
Go back and read the great advice you have given us all on this board and maybe you can see that you are strong and can fight this. Plus, I need your support when I am down in the dumps!

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