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Well I have been fighting anorexia for a few months now but recently I've decided to try to start recovering. There is a new plan by weight watchers called "The Core Plan". It's kind of like atkins but you can eat other things too, like wheat pasta. It's more like The South Beach Diet I guess. Well I've been on this diet since ... yesterday, lol. And it makes me sick to eat all that food. This morning I was at my friend's house and we were making breakfast (eggs and sausage, because you can eat that on this diet). I did ok while we were making eggs but during the time we were making sausage I started getting dizzy, and started to feel nauseated. I'm not sure exactly WHY this was, I'm thinking it was because I was overwhelmed by all the grease, and I still have the side effects of anorexia. I really do not want to eat. If I lose more in a week on this diet that I am on, I might stay on it, But if I lose more by not eating I'll probably continue to... starve myself. I feel better about myself when I don't eat as much. Do you think I will gain weight by eating all of this protein when I had not been eating barely anything before. I liked how I could control how much I put into my body, and how I could control the calories. I'm not sure what I should do. I can't WAIT until Friday when I weigh to see if this diet worked. I'll probably have a really low self esteem this week. The only thing I really like about the diet I'm on right now is that I don't feel like I am going to wake up really weak, or not wake up at all. That is what scares me the most, you know? Well I don't want to take up all of your time, So I will leave my post at this. I also have one more question, Do anorexics usually lose muscle before fat? Or water before fat? Thanks for everthing!


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