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Hey guys

I had a thought when I was out shopping yesterday and I just wanted to share it with you and see if anyone had any views on it...

We all know that we have a distorted perception of ourselves - when we get thrown into an eating disorder we are subconsciously accepting that each time we look in the mirror, we will see ourselves as being fat, or see fat in particular areas of our bodies. But we still look at other people in the same way and notice whether they are skinnier than us, twice our size or whatever.

What I was thinking was, I saw this really skinny girl while I was shopping, and I just thought that I'd love to be as skinny as her. But then, people are always telling me I'm thin and 'could do with putting on a few pounds'. So maybe I actually am that skinny but just can't see it? Or maybe she was just really, really thin? I can see those who are bigger than me, but once I see someone who is thin, I think they must be way thinner than me...And do they look at people like us and wish they were that skinny? Maybe they can't see for themselves how thin they are.

My last thought on this was that the person I saw could have been anorexic. I don't think she was - she looked like she had far too much energy and was too animated to have an ED - but it could've been someone from these boards or just a kid suffering with anorexia...and there was me, a good five or six years older than her, being jealous of her body...well it just made me think, that's all!

Thanks for listening, any comments welcomed!

x J*L x

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