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I have never suffered from an eating disorder but I am training to be a nutritionist and am interested in learning about eating disorders. I have been ill for many years (10 years) ever since a minor operation with an anesethic that went wrong, this caused me to have an auto-immune disease (dr's are still investigating which one) so I have to watch my food closely (as some foods make my symptoms worse), I don't eat wheat/dairy/potatoes or refined sugar but enjoy my food and don't have an issue with weight. There was a point when I could have had an eating disorder when I was unclear of which foods made me feel worse so I started fearing all foods. I made myself aware of what could be happening and put a stop to it straight away by telling myself that not eating a good variety will have a terrible effect on my body and actually counteract my goal of getting better. Anyway through trial and error the foods above do make me unwell and I am 200% better since avoiding them but I still eat lots of other foods to replace i.e corn, rice, sweet potatoes, tofu, meat, lots of fruit and veg plus I take vits and minerals.

I decided to study nutrition to help people with health issues and want to cover eating disorders but first I have to understand whay people hurt themselves.

Do people with eating disorders start seeing food as the enemy? and that eating foods will do damage to themselves whether it be in weight gain or something else (I can understand this fear of food as I almost went there)
Like they start by dieting then just keep going cutting out more and more foods and convince themselves that this is needed.

What are people with eating disorders trying to achieve? do they have a goal i.e losing weight that they are working towards or did it start that way and spiral out of control?

Are they punishing themselves for a guilty feeling and make food the focus of their attention to make them forget what they are trying to deal with?

Do those with eating disorders that are obviously underweight with bones showing etc genuinely look in the mirror and see someone who is fat or do they see the bones but feel that they could lose a bit more. Is it like a feeling of being unsatisfied and you must keep going?

I really want to understand why people starve themselves or make themselves sick so that I can one day help those people.
I hope I am not angering people with my ignorance but I don't think enough time is spent actually getting to the root of a person's problems......

I think Anorexia and other eating disorders might be a result of a completely seperate problem/issue that manifests itself as an eating disorder and those that cut themselves (I can't remember name of condition)are punishing themselves too just in a different way. It is so hard to not eat and it is really hard to give yourself the unpleasant feeling of vomiting (I have a major phobia about being sick) So what is the motivation that keeps you going?

Why is being fat so scary? I would much prefer to be fat and feel great and be able to do everything I want to in my life than to be thin, unwell, miserable. I am unwell not out of choice I am trying to do everything to get better and want to warn that if you don't eat well you could end up unwell like me and for what? don't do it to yourself stop now whilst you have a chance. I have been studying cell metabolism and I know your body needs fats, proteins, carbs, water in order to function if it doesn't get all these in a good amount it will one day stop working for you.
Thanks Leanne

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