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Hello all.....

I've been here a couple of days and have read most of these posts here in the ED threads. :)

I was always one of those teenagers who "wished" that she could be anorexic. Horrible, I know....... but, true. I never was. I liked food way too much.

Four years ago I went on a diet and lost 60 lbs. When I hit goal, I decided it wasn't good enough and I continued until I lost 15 more pounds. :nono: Since that time (although I've began to get much better) I've been obsessed with food, calories, fat grams and weight. :eek:

Strangly enough this didn't happen to me until I was in my late 30's. It came at a time that I wasn't expecting it at all. :rolleyes:

I have a friend who is helping me through a generic 10-step program. So far it's been slow going, but it's working. :bouncing: I haven't had any problems in my past, no abuses of any kind. I've found that "most" (from what I've read and studied) people have ED's because of something in their past or because of something they can't control. I'm working on what has made me the way I am.

I have never been bulimic although I've tried, and thanks be to God that it didn't work or no telling where I'd be now. :eek: I tend to restrict and be terribly hard on myself.

So, I was just wondering are there any "older" women out there that deal with these issues too?

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