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Liza.... YOU TOOK THE WORDS OUT OF MY MOUTH!!! It is actually scary how exactly the same we are when it comes to eating. I did good last wednesday.. ok on Thanksgiving.. Good on friday.. good on saturday.. then bad on sunday.. good on Monday.. BAD today... I either eat little or a whole lot.. I wish I could even it out and eat well every day!! I feel like crying right now b/c I am so scared... Not only because of my weight (not that I am fat.. but I gained 25 pounds since this whole thing began) but b/c of my health.. I eat the worst food when I binge.. and now that I've done bad bingeing all morning I feel bloated and disgusting.... Guys how do we stop this???? I have tried everything.. I think to myself all the time.. If I had you guys around all the time it would be so great.. we could help eachother b/c it's so miuch easier knowing I can tell you and you will understand.... Now I won't eat the rest of the day and my family will think that I never eat.. meanwhile I ate so much already.. that's the reason why I won't eat.. and I'll say to myself.. I'll start fresh tomorrow.. and then after 2 days.. binge again!! I want to break this cycle so badly... It's weird b/c I know what's wrong with me and the cycles and the triggers and yet I still do it.. How do I get out of this rut? I know I need to stop trying to restrict my calories to 1400 a day b/c its ending up that I can doit for 2 or 3 days but then I binge.. but then again I feel like when I eat 1600 it's way too much... 3 years ago when I lost 10 pounds (unintentionally) it was only because I started cutting out bad foods and drinking skim milk and no soda.. It was easy then.. it was gradual weight loss.. now I can't cutthose foods out even though most of the time I don't even want them.. it's like an obsession.... I want it to stop... guys what do we do? It's so horrible and it's all I think about.... I try and pick out what I will eat for the day so it can be heatlhy foods but then i obsess over it and eventually binge :( Please guys.. we have to think of something!! Thanks for listening :)

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