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I was your friend in high school, I was a anorexic/bulemic. Luckily I had a dear friend who cared enough to put me on the spot, she confronted me and made me eat something at lunch,even if it was just a couple pieces of bread. Then if I would go directly to the bathroom afterward she would follow me in there. It's may seem like a lot to do but you almost have to babysit them. Also if you are active in any sports, go to your coach....that's what my girlfriend did. If not a coach, then a teacher or professor you think would help. This went on with me for 6 months or so before someone stepped in. I had lost 47 lbs in a 3 month time perod and looked like death warmed over. If there is anyway you could confide in her parents or at least make them aware, that may also help. She may be upset with you at first but she'll look back 10 years from now, as I do and be more than greatful for it. I would not be sitting here writing this to you if I hadn't had a friend who cared enough to put herself out on a line.

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