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Hey everyone, My name is Christie, and i'm new here. I have a couple questions that i hope someone will be able to help me with.
So awhile ago i started to make myself throw up after big meals... that didn't go on for longer than about a month because my good friend gave me some info about how it can ruin my voice ( i love singing ) and a lot of other consequences... so i decided to stop that, but lately i've just decided not to eat very much. I figure that if i don't eat, then i won't want to throw up. My mom and my best friend think i have some sort of eating disorder and my mom is like freaking out about how i've lost like 17 lbs in about 4 months...

Do i really have an eating disorder?
Yeah, [B]you do[/B]. I started to make myself throw up after big meals in July of this year. At first it was "nothing," so I refused to stop. Then the problem just kept getting [B]bigger and bigger[/B]. It's addictive, like smoking. You feel that you only do it "once in a while," right? That's how I felt. Soon the "once in a while" was still "once in a while" even though I was doing it [B]every day[/B]. It's a big problem, and for me it has caused [B]depression[/B]. I'm in the process of getting [B]help[/B], but it's more humiliating and mentally taxing to get to this point than to just [B]stop while you're ahead[/B]. I don't mean to be hopeless, but you really need to stop throwing up [B]AT ALL[/B]. For me it was just a backup, but it pretty much ruined my life. I weighed 140 in May of 2004 and I weighed 115 by sounds like you're losing weight pretty quickly too. It's rewarding in a way, but [B]it hurts you a lot[/B]. I still have a hard time stopping. As for not eating... that's what I decided to do, but it [B]doesn't really work[/B]. I would get really really hungry after not eating or eating very little, so I would go and eat a lot until I was full. My body would be repulsed and I would [B]have to throw up[/B]. Instead, find out [B]how many calories [/B] you need per day. Eat [B]healthy foods [/B] like salads and fruit and wheat stuff and meat until you fill that calorie requirement each day. You won't be too full, but your body will get what it needs and [B]you won't gain weight, you may even lose a little[/B]. Be happy with who you are. :-) Individuality is what makes life exciting.

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