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Ugh! i can't stop!
Jan 9, 2005
ugh!! i just can't seem to stop binging and purging!! i'd say my record of not doing it was like 4 days! but i do it daily now! i just can't resist! its not that im hungry, but i just crave it, or something! who knows! i always find myself planning it out until my mom leaves for work, then i go NUTS! i eat and eat and eat until im about to die and puke it all up till theres nothing left! i do it until if i suck in u can see my ribacge perfectly! geez i gotta stop!! is there neone else who does this?! i mean, i went from bulimia(puking after meals), then binge and purge(what i do now), then anerexic(hardly ate a thing), to bulimia(back to the vomit process), to freeken binge and purge in the last 2 years! ughers! i mean, i am 14 years old! this shuld be the fun time in my life!! i keep telling myself "k sam, ur gonna get better today", but it never happens! :confused: :eek: and its not that i am in a deep depression, i dunno what it is...o gosh!

well, i talk to my counsilor about it once a month, and she shows me tapes and everything. and in febraury i am going to a 5 day retreat in milden, Saskatchewan. (its by rosetown) with my rents. i hope that helps. i really really really wanna talk to a girl my age going to the same thing face to face. either than talking to my friends who r healthy and have no idea how a feel.


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