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You sound exactly like me! I always eat the same things. Cereals (especially oatmeal), whole grain toast, ALOT of fruits, some veggies (not a big fan of those), ff yogurt, ff ice cream, no red meat, I eat alot of the canned fat free chicken and tuna on whole wheat bread. It's always the same things every single day!! Even when we go out to eat at our favorite resturants it's the same things! I also call these my "safe foods". The ones that I know won't make me gain weight. I've been trying to eat more and increase my calories but I just end up panicking. I try to eat something different and then I panic thinking "Oh no what if this makes me gain a pound!?" I have a 3 muskateers candy bar sitting in my fridge. I used to LOVE them and I keep telling myself I'm going to eat it but whenever I get in the fridge to get a snack I just look at it and panic and then grap an apple or something. I wish I could just eat and not worry about it but it's definently not that easy. I know that recovery involves taking these "risks" though. I know I have to start eating more and not being scared of certain foods that I've put on my "bad" list. I cut down my exercise a bit though. I was doing it five times a week but now it's only 3-4 times. I don't want to go below that though. Everyone needs exercise. I know how frustrating it is. When me and my b/f go out to a resturant with our friends they all order steak or cheesy fries or something else really greasy and fattening and I have a salad with ff dressing. I know I don't have to eat like them and I still should eat healthy but it's just my thoughts that bother me the most. I'm the same as well when it comes to buying everything low fat and fat free. Which I know low fat is ok but most dietitians and health experts say you shouldn't really buy fat free versions of foods you should buy the low or reduced fat instead because your body needs so much fat. That word just scares me....fat. I still have a long ways to go as far as recovering. Today is one of my bad days where I'm feeling fat and down about myself. These days are the worst! Anyway...I just read your post and thought "hey, that's me!" Sometimes it's almost a relief to hear about someone that thinks and does the same things I do. It makes me feel less alone. It's just too bad it has to be something like this though.

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