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my friends can b really catty and bitchy.. the comments that they make about some of our other friends when they arent around are totally uncalled for.

For example, we have this one friend who a few years back was sooo thin, she was completely anorexic, but thank god she is over it now. But now everyone, one girl in particular, makes comments allll the time like "omg have u seen so and so lately, OMG she has put on like sooo much weight, have u seen her stomach."

I just sit and listen to these comments and dont say a word... but i always just sit there and think "wow! i have put on weight since i was at my lowest, what the hell do they say about me when im not there?"

and the thing is, if i feel like ihave gained too much weight, i will refuse to see any of those girls until i have lost it again, because i know straight away they will judge me! even i HAD to put on weight to survive.

They always comment on people like Britney Spears and Xtina Aguilera saying **** like "oh she is soo fat now!" and watev.... i ahte it when they say that... britney is someone to me who i think has an awesome body, and when thye go bitching aobu ther size i think "oh ok that means i have to b even smaller then that"

I know the way i think is bad, who care what other people think of me, especially my friends.. but its like u always need their approval on how ur looking.. does that make any sense?

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