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happyhelper...haha for one thing i love ur name! so happy...butta, yes, i am bulimic and my friends have talked to me about it which..well yes, it blew me off. try not to make ur friend eat. otherwise itll make her feel like ur trying to "counsel" her. big no no. my friends thought if i ate a lil bit of chocolate ill be "cured". but i just said NO. and then they got mad at me and thought i didnt need their support and blaa blaa. it wasnt that i dont need their support, i jus tneed them to give me space. i know for a fact yur friend may deny it. us with eating disorders r pretty good at lying. not that we're dishonest ppl, but we are ashamed of our dirty lil secret and it is embarressing. like, for example, yesterday was the ski trip and we stopped at a pizza place for supper. i didnt eat nething and pretended to have a "headache". i sat with friends who dont kno about my problem so i knew they wouldnt suspect me. i sat away from my friends who do kno, so i wouldnt have to worry about them staring at me eat.

my advice would be:
1. Just be a friend, act like nothing happened, BUT, i would talk to her so she does know u guys r conserned. talk to her in the most caring way AS POSSIBLE!

2. dont judge her or do nething to hurt her feelings. girls with eating disorders may have some emotional or depressional problems. if u guys make her feel bad about herself, chances r things'll get worse.

3. dont mention to her about nebody who is fat. my friends talk about girls who they think are fat (which they are not) to my face which p***es me off. it mite get her to think "well, if they think so-so's fat, what do they think of me?"

4. dont rub food in her face. deep down shes literally starving that wants to eat, but the ED is messing with her mind.

5. dont tell the whole world about the situation (like boys, or ppl who dont concern u), that will just spread around and ppl will be talking behind her back which she does NOT need.

there u have it. haha, yes it may seem like a lot, and i know its not easy. i can tell my friends are frustarated with me not eating what they eat, but its a matter of patience and acceptance. it will take a while for ur bud to recover. it is HARD. if matters get worse u MUST talk to her mother about it and get her to a counsellor or therapist before she ends up in the hospital!!

u may think we're nuts having this behavior towards foods, but its mentally in our minds.

please, keep me posted! i am concerned for yur friend. let her know that if she does open up, tell her that there are other girls and she is not alone!:):)


p.s. - u seem like a great friend for posting this and being concerned and repsecting her feelings! u are a true friend!! (unlike some of mine..:()

neways, toodles!


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