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I would like to share my story with you and if it helps even one person then I will be happy.

I started starving myself and binging when I was 13. Several trips to the hospitol for getting so sick and skinny. Still, I saw I was fat. I finally on my own stopped when I was 22. The reason I stopped was because I was a parent and was scared that I would die and leave my babies without their mother.

Off and on though, I would eat normal and binge from 22 until 26. Maintaining a weight of 95 pounds and I am 5'4. I look at pics from back whe I was a teen and in my 20's and cannot believe I ever thought I was fat. I would even have friends tell me I looked sick and washed out.

I am now 32, and have not binged and purged since I was 26. I now weigh 140. It is a good weight for my height my dr. says but it is a every day fight for me. But I do win the fight every day.

Why did I stop at 26? A trip to the dentist, my teeth really started getting bad, well, after all the years purging takes the enamel off your teeth, so after 7600.00 worth of dental work (thanks to my dad). My teeth are beautiful. Not only that, but every time I eat, which is only once/twice a day, I get horrible stomach aches and have to go fast to the bathroom.

I eat little lite meals but they still affect me like I ate a buffet. Weight is a daily issue for me and I consider my self still in recovery and probably always will be. But............. please, try and love your body, no matter what shape, size, or anything. I am trying-and I know how hard it is for young girls and it breaks my heart to see and read anyone going through this.

We all need to learn that our body being healthy and living longer is much better than, destroying ourselves inside and out. Because it stays. And, I think when I started at 13 was a cry for help with something else I was living through-which caused ever lasting problems. So, please-talk to someone, even on here- keep talking, asking for help, advice , anything. But stop hurting yourself!

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