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Thanks for writting me back Becky. i have been bulimic for over 4 years now. My mom is bulimic too so i guess that is how i started. But its just so hard. My husband, my son and I just moved up to New Hampshire from Mass. and while my husband is working i am at home with my son who is 18 months. I cant pin point why it has gotten worse since we moved, maybe i feel lonley. But i hate it becuase i am just hoping that my son doesnt catch on. i am very secretive about it. but i want my mind to be all there for him and my husband. I feel so guilty. I want to be the best mommy for my baby.And the best wife too. I am so scared to get help because that means i would have to tell my husband. he knows i "used" to have this problem, but he gets all upset and depressed when he knows that im doing this. We cant communicate our problems very well to each other i guess. Any advice?

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