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Thank you for your is always encouraging to read that I am not a lone in all of this. Anterrabae-it IS weird how we are on the same page all the time...I feel the same exact way. I've been eating a lot and whenever I go over that 1200 calorie mark it's all down hill from there. It always happens at night too. Once I go over that point..there is no more writing down what I eat-it's a "whatever" attitude and straight to the cupboards...when will this cycle stop?

I am sorry to hear ya'll's frustrations about seeing people eat normally. I too, am in the same boat. Last night I went out to dinner with my husband. I find myself staring at what other people are eating..I get so jelous and frustrated that they can eat what they are eating and here I am with a salad in front of me...dabbing the chicken to get any grease off..dipping the salad into my fat free dressing. Liza2-I understand about feeling shallow..I mean, man..who sits and judges what other's eat?...and get's jelous about it? And is worried if they'll gain weight eating a salad? But I guess it's in the mind frame that we think this way...I just wish that I could awake from all of this mess and be normal. Eat those fries and not be a meal and not be killed by the voices inside my head for the rest of the evening.

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