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Well, you already know this, but 1400 calories a day is not enough. This is especially true when you are in your adolescent years. Starving yourself now will have permanent consequences for your future if you do not seek help. Coming to these boards was a brave first step, but you need to tell an adult in your life who can help you talk to professionals and get the help you need to get off this destructive pattern.

These types of behaviors do not just disappear on their own. I waited for over 15 years for that to happen before I began to seek help. And only with a lot of therapy, doctor visits and hard work was I able to get my life back. A life that was not controlled by my food intake.

You are young and should be running around having fun, not killing yourself to be what you consider "thin". It will never be good enough for you. Please seek help before it gets worse.

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