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Some advice!
Feb 9, 2005
I was wondering if someone can tell me if this sounds like anorexia...I know that I was not eating enough, but was I starving myself. For one month my rule was "3 meals a day". for break fast I would have 2 cups of cereal(a decent sized bowl. and coffee. for lunch i would have two apples. and I would eat a normal supper, i would just never allow myself seconds. At night I would have like a cup of milk(anywhere from 1400 to 1700 calories a day)...This would not hold up on most weekends however. One weekend I had my sisters birthday party and ate the meal and had cheesecake and Ice cream...another weekend I had a hamburger and fries for lunch and pizza hut for dinner. the next night I ate out again only to binge because I was hungry. Another weekend I really binged and ate to the point of feeling soooooo full!!.. I binged at least once more during this month. I would never skip one of my 3 meals..I ate them religously, I just dont think I was eating enough because I was always hungry...I would jog close to three miles a day five times a week. is it possible to loose ten pounds of muscle in 4 weeks while eating like this(even though I admit it wasnt enough)...then after that month I realized I was obsessing to much and began to eat whenever I was hungry(basically eating 3 meals a day and snacks throughout the day). but still Ive lost weight since then, even though im eating more than that one month. can someone shed some light on this....also at the end of my obsessing month my testosterone pretty much shut off and didnt return when I started eating more. Ive been to mayo clinic and I may have pancreatitis. but does this strike anyone as odd. iss it possible to loose weight like that when eating like that? any help is greatyl appreciated. Does my obsessing month sound like anorexia, or am I being to hard on myself?

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