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Oh Quench ((((hugs)))). I feel so bad for you that this happened, it's everyone's worst nightmare when it comes to telling someone - that they pick someone who doesn't have a clue. Becuase that's all it is, she just doesn't understand. It annoys me that so little is done to teach about EDs that people can grow up still believing that the only people who suffer with them are vastly underweight and starve themselves.

In your letter did you explain to her all the stuff you put it in your post? That self induced vomiting is a problem no matter how often you do it? And that over exercising is a problem too? A lot of non ED poeple don't realise to what extent you are saying when you say over exercise. They think you're on about maybe an hour at most more than they would. They won't have come across anyone who truly over exercises and if they have they'll probably just say that they're just overly 'healthy'

But you know the dangers of over exercising and purging and indeed of binge eating. Maybe you should spell these out to your teacher so that she understands you need help. People have died from the first time they have purged, tell her that. If this is the ONE person you want for support, then do everything you can to make ehr understand before you give up on her. See it as a sort of closure; as you said, with a reaction like she has showed, how can you be expected to feel comfortable telling someone else? Whereas, if you made her understand and it worked out, wouldn't it have the opposite effect? Because then you would have dealt with the worst posible reaction someone could have.

At least you still see that it is a problem. I know many poeple with EDs, that if they got that reaction, where they were told what they were doing wasn't a problem, then they would go into denial about ti and go along with the 'i dont have a problem' route too.

Keep trying Quench, once again ((((hugs)))) and I hope she understands or that you find someone who will!

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