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Hi Becky!
Thanks so much for your response! Todayís been a pretty difficult day, in that I have constantly been thinking about food and feeling unhappy when I eat; I look in the mirror and just see the fat I wish I didnít have :(. I am trying to recover, so I try to eat and even allow myself Ďfatty foodsí as I know dieting only promotes my bingeing; but I still feel so unhappy with my body, itís hard to know what to do! The doctor didnít really seem to know much about edís and I donít know whether this antidepressant will make me gain weight, although Iím really worried about if it does. I havenít spoken to my mum again. As I said, they are pretty distant and this is just as usual... Months can go by without us speaking. Iím scared my angry feelings are going to come back, I wish I could just accept our relationship for what it is, but I crave for more. I guess itís not easy being single again; at least when I had a loving boyfriend it helped me cope with the lack of love from my parents, but now I feel so alone! How are you coping with cutting your mom out of your life, are you feeling ok, and getting support from your boyfriend? I know that there comes a point when you just have to make a decision, and the one you made was probably very difficult for you, but I can understanc it and I hope that with time it is bringing you more peace and helping you to be more settled in your life. Take care Becky ;) , and thanks for your support :wave:

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