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i am SO here for u!! i feel the exact same way u have no idea!! i am in the process of gaining weight, i do eat 3 meals a day but as u listed, all i eat is whole wheat bread, egg whites, and fruit. and a lil bit of jam. and whatever my mom makes me for supper. and at supper time i always overeat, then i think "to heck!" and eat everything else and purge it all away. this is a BAD habit of mine! i did it 2wice yesterday! like, sam! c'mon, get real! neways, i think abotu caloires and stuff all the time 2. and it is really really really annoying. when i see one of my friends eat chocolate i think "yes,! theire gonna get fat and im not!" those cruel words in my mins stay placed. i hate it. i love my friends to death! or, u wanna know somethin else? everytime i make mom grilled cheese or something i glob on the butter. nething im making for sumone else has to be really fatty. why? i dunno. its just cruel. i hate it. im a nice person! but...grr.r....we had a curling clinic a few weeks ago, and they served pizza for lunch! (eek!:eek: ), neways, i ended up having to eat it so i had 2 peices (which by the way tasted so heavenly), but u wouldnt beleive all the guilt i had in my mind. im more bulimic than anorexic but i can totally relate to ur feelings and struggles.

so, u have a baby? rite on! myabe that can help u boost ur life! i mean, a child is a worlds gift! think of it, u dont want ur child growing up watching u suffer? u want to see him/her grow up happy. and i hear that if a child sees a role model or whatnot go thru an ED, they will most likely develope one. thats my opinion neways...

i would consider telling ur b/f. i mean, he loves u, u loveh im, and he would be just heartbroken if u kept it a secret. a lotta ppl know from here and yes it is embarressing, but whatever! i mean, their here to help and care, not judge. and if they do judge, so what! ill just ignore them.

and for another benefitial thingy, id consider going to a counsellor. if ur not ready, u dont have to, but it really helps!:) im 14 and im seeing one. i was scared but man o man, its worth it. i feel somewhat better about myself and i learned all the dangers of what i am doing. my counsellor is like a sister! haha, she was bulimic for 13 years so i can babble on and on and she would understand!! i'd consider that an option gurly!

neways, aha im blabbing on, so i should go....i hope i helped somewhat!

u take care!!


o and for the metabolism thing, this is tough but give it a try!! just eat like 6 small meals per day....not like HUGE pipin' plate fulls, but just lil snack during the day...once ur body gets used to the fact of having food in it, ur metabolims will be back to its normal function. im not going to lie, u will gaiin weight but hunny! ur beautiful! and no peice of fat is going to make it bad! actually, ur gonna look SO much prettier when u do gain. trust me, u'll see. :) when i did (unfortunately i lost some), ppl were saying a looked good again! but i looked in the mirror and saw BLAA. but i tried not to get it to my head. its hard....its going to take time, but u can do it!!

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