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hey none offence takin! i dunno why i do it. i dont do it becuase im hungry, i seem 2 be feeling okay, i mean, no fights or nothing, i just get little triggers. u know? its like, i think of a certain type of food i wont let myself eat and i just crave it, even if im not hungry or in the mood. its really weird. i honestly dont know how to answer that question.

and with my perkyness, i try to be happy and have humour. i dont laugh just because this is sum kind of joke, heck no! its just me...i am a happy girl with a good life, i just dont know how to deal with it. ppl see me smile, and its my way of covering up. i hate when ppl are all depressed and makes me sad:( so, i try to bring ppl's spirits up. on the outside i am a happy young girl, but on the inside there must be something! i just dont know what it is. i must have an inner feeling thats making me do these things.

maybe another thing is i can't really go out and party with my friends as much. (yeh thats not good either), but if it wasnt for this ED, id be able to go out without my friends acting all conserned. i was always fat, and hated myself. i have very negative body image.

i just dont know what to do. i jus twant to get better, u kno? and yeh, if i were u i'd be like "why the h*** is this gurl laughing? this is SERIOUS!" so, i dont blame u for asking, but...i dunno. i just try to be happy.

thanks for ur concern

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