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[QUOTE=goldilocks26]Hi bbybyrd!

Congrats to you for getting back on track again!
I used to take laxatives...A LONG time ago...but then after doing the research on the damage they can cause...and moreover that they don't help you lose weight...i stopped. You probably already know...but just in case you aren't aware...Laxatives don't prevent your body from absorbing the caloreis from food (that happens in your intestines i believe). The only thing it will do is rid your body of liquids...which is misleading on the scales because you lose water weight...but not actual body weight. Laxatives are SO hard on your kidneys and bowel functions...they will probably agravate you IBS if you are abusing them! If you become too dehydrated as a result of using them...they can have a severe impact on your eloectrolyte levels (which regulate your heart fuctions)
You seem to have been doing well these last couple of weeks...that's're stronger than you think!!
Take care...and stay strong!

Thanks for the encouragement. My IBS is definitely affected by the laxative abuse. I know that it doesn't help with weight's more like a release thing with me. I just need that feeling of something leaving my a cleansing. I hope that makes sense. :nono:

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