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i have been thru an anorexic stage for a couple months. i know exactly what ur friend is going thru. i never told my friends about it just until this september, and i kept it in for 2 years. well, first things first.

1. dont force her to eat. big no no. she will get very frusturated (as i have) only she can beat this.

2. dont tell neone else. having a bunch of ppl talk behind her back about this can be very ver embarressing and mite make things worse (been there done that)

3. never call other ppl fat or ugly around her. my friends always call other girls and eachother fat (even if they have BEAUTIFUL bods!) that can make her feel worse as in thinking "if they think this way, i must be HUGE!" always be positive towards other body figures!:)

4. never look at yourself in the mirror and say "my legs r huge!" or nething negative about your bod in front of her. my friends did and still do that and god it pisses me off!! they say they're fat when they have bodies I ENVY!

5. suggest her to see a councellor or something. im going to one and it played a HUGE role on my recovery. the sooner she gets help the better!:)

i know this seems like a lot. but really, just be her friend NOT her councellor. be positive toward her, make her feel accepted neway possible, no sarcasm. (anorexics tend to take things seriously) im glad u are willing to come on this site and want to help!:) u are a true freind and i wish the best for both of u!!

also, look anorexia up on the computer for ur benefit. just too learn about it ! ;)

take care hun!

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