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Yay! I'm so proud of you. This is a huge first step and the fact that you actually want to stop is going to make it all easier. I went through the same sort of process that you did, it seems. I had to see a nurse first, who ran a battery of health tests on me, and then I was sorta put in that ED-NOS/disordered eating category as well. But they really recommended that I see a nutritionist and my therapist did as well. Maybe yours will too. I can understand how it might be triggering, but after months of starving I really had no idea how to eat normally again and my nutritionist helped with that. It wasn't really about "how many calories did you eat today", but more like, "okay, do you think you'd feel comfortable adding this or that". Little steps. And knowing I would be in there, discussing what I'd eaten and getting weighed helped keep me in line too. But maybe after a little therapy when you're in a better place emotionally, you can ask about the nutritionist. I know it's scary, but keep up the good work!

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