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Tooth decay
Mar 25, 2005
hey guys!

I thought I was doing much better with my eating and i've only been sick twice in the last week but I dunno, I guess I still got a long way to go. Anyway, I just got in from a party and part of one of my teeth just fell out. The thing is, I have never had anything wrong with my teeth ever! My teeth have always been the one thing that is near perfect but now theyre a mess too! I was just wondering if this tooth decay could have been caused by purging. I know they say there is a risk of tooth decay but I suppose I didn't take it seriously enough. Have any of you experienced problems with ur teeth as a result of purging?? What other health complications have you experienced and how often were you purging and how long had u had an ED when it happened?? I'm such a mess! I am ruining a perfect life and messing up my health but just can't seem to sort myself out. I don't know what to do!

A couple of my mates from uni kno about my eating issues and have been really good but I am home for the holidays and am finding it hard. People at home don't know the whole story. My mum keeps putting pressure on me to eat, saying that eating less wll only slow down my metabolism n i kno shes right but she doesnt kno about my bulimia properly and so doesnt understand that i am trying to eat less to avoid the urge to make myself sick. I realise this is a stupid theory anyway as it is not working very well and I am scared that soon I will have just become anorexic instead of bulimic but i dunno what else to do. The other day I went out for a meal wit a friend from school. It was a nightmare. She is the one person at home that knows the whole thing but she doesnt understand either. She kept trying to force me to eat but that really doesnt help. I already kno i should b eating more and her telling me all that jus makes me wanna stop eating all together. I kno that doesnt make sense and that if I was her id probably b doin the same thing if i hadnt been through this. Anyway, I just needed to get all of this off my chest. Thanks for listening. I'd be really really grateful for any advice.

Suzanne :wave:

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