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Re: Plz help
Apr 4, 2005
hey girl i'm sorry your going through this soo young. your actions are vague, how long have you been doing this? Are you depressed? Do you want to loose weight? Has anyone noticed?

Your body needs to eat but when you starve yourself your body doesn't ever feel hungry, thats normal and unhealthy. If this behavior has just started it will be easier to fix then if you wait till it turns more serious. try eating a small amount every couple of hours. If you eat too much at once you'll feel sick and not want to eat for a while. But 2-300 cal every 3 hours while your wake will help your body begin to feel again. Your numb,? maybe feeling empty? Your hurting yourself and there most likely is a reason for it can you think of why? are you happy at home?

you are soo young, i started my bad habit when i was a couple years older than you and am starting to recover now and it's horrible, Do you have a thereapist? you can see a school counselor they usually have someone in there who is familiar with this disease

my best,

I hope i can help xoxo

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