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I can definately relate to you
i've had bulimia along with several eating disorders
i've been prescribed prozac as well (along with effexor, celexa, zoloft, ...) and have alot of knowledge about pharmaceutical side effects (especially SSRI antidepressants)

you have already completed the first step to recovery from a emotionally and physically damaging addiction - bulimia. you were honest with yourself as well as admitted denial and reached out for help. I must insist that you seek out a psychologist (although you may already have 1 that you must see b/c you are prescribed psychiatric medication from a psychiatrist.) i suggest you be open about your eating disorder with them, if you havent already. dont stress the negative emotions like shame and self-hate. just focus on different aspects of your life, education is important. make a list of the positive benefits of overcoming bulimia. another list of the damage bulimia does and look it over often. ALWAYS USE CONSEQUENTIAL THINKING. if it worth it to binge? you can NEVER DEPEND ON counteracting the weight gain by purging from binges because you CANNOT DEPEND ON your gag reflex to function. the food is absorbed within 15-30minutes so all those excess calories are already absorbed. BE AWARE of your intentions, and thoughts especially those that entice you to begin to binge. including stomach ulcers, and digestive problems, purging also causes thyroid irregularities which will cause exhaustion as well as SLOW METABOLISM. hope i've helped, if you need more advice or support email me!

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