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Hi Jayjay :wave:

I was quite skinny before and so was my brother. I guess we had really fast metabolism rates since we played sports like crazy - almost every day. For me, being skinny was really uncomfortable because my shoulders feel too narrow. So what i started doing was to eat at irregular times of the day( maybe pack lunch to school/uni/work) but avoid eating before sleeping ---bad for your heart! And also my gf helped, lol, my gf and i cook meals almost everyday at her place or we eat out, then when i got home i ate dinner with my dad or bro. This made me put on more weight and now i feel better about my body.

It all depends on what makes you happy, but health shouldn't be compromised, still play sports coz you don't want teh effects of adding weight(such as higher cholestrol) to accumulate into worse things in the future, so play sports.

My bro, however, he decided to join d gym just like me, BUT he went on protein and/or weigh, this helped him put on weight, then when he excercised it made him build more muscle. Now he is bigger than me, even though i was heavier than him for 18 years, lolz!!! these products he used were natural and he's healthy aswell.

Hope you find this helpful:
So good luck!

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