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Re: Please help
Apr 22, 2005
There is another kind of eating disorder, Binge Eater Disorder (BED). For people with BED, eating is an actual compulsion and they will keep eating even after they are full. It's not that they want to be overweight.. but in the middle of an episode, they cannot control how much they eat. And there are a lot of dangers associated with BED beyond being overweight. It could lead to purging (vomiting or overexercise) or restriction after an episode and that is a truly viscious cycle (I know from experience).

I know that you are angry with her and afraid for her. But you really need to think of this as a true illness, not as something she's doing to hurt you or anyone else on purpose. Too often in our society we do not treat mental illnesses, be it depression, anxiety, or eating disorders, as real illnesses. As if it is something we should just "get over".. as if we are all just faking or being weak or trying to get attention. Mental illnesses are true diseases.. would you be mad at your daughter if, god forbid, she got cancer or multiple sclerosis??

If you search on the net you can find a lot of information about binge eating disorder and you can talk more with her doctor about it. Your daughter needs help and support from you right now. She is probably scared and feels very alone.

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