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Help with my diet.
Apr 27, 2005
Hello Last year I weighed less then I had in almost 10 years bringing me down to about 108 lbs on average. I am 5'2 so this to me is was a happy weight. As always during the winter I put on a little weight bringing me up to an average 115 which to me was still okay. My normal weight averages 110 to 115. I am almost 24 years old and just recentally I jumped up to an average 120 to 123 lbs and I have some "love handles" that have started to show. Im not sure why my weight jumped up recentally because I havent changed anything in my life accept for the fact that my stress level has trumediously decreased. My pants seem tighter than they have ever been and to me it seems almost like I am pregnant.. (But my tubes are ties and Im still having a monthly cycle so that is not a possibility.

Now here is the thing. Me and my family are going on a trip to disneyland in two weeks and because of this trip I have started to be more attentive to my weight and the exess weight. I have always been one that pays strict attention to my weight but now I cant stop thinking about it. I have tried to start eating healthy but have flopped everytime I start. I just cant seem to find food that my family will eat that is as healthy as nessesary. The other thing is about 9 years ago I was bulimic. I was able to get over my eating disorder but recentally I have had a "relaps" and turned to the benging/purging methods of bulimia. And It seems easier then ever before. I know that I can probably drop my weight down to 110 by the 11th of May as long as I only keep down my breakfast and purge the rest of the day. A wonderful Lunch/Dinner that feels me up and then a quick 10 min trip to the bathroom to get rid of it... And no one else has any idea. But as I grow older I realize what that can do to my body and really would rather start to eat healthier then end up back in the hospital three years from now because it has takin control of me. I have always dont my crunchies at night but now I have started also to do cardio 30 to 60 min an evening hoping that I can tone and loose this excess that I have gained. If anyone has any tips for some taisty diet food recipes and or any other suggestions please let me know. :confused:

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