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Re: I try to...
May 3, 2005
Hey spunky.

Mandabear is right and so is saybrook.

This isn't healthy for your body, and whether you are willing to admit you have an eating disorder or not, if you continue what you are doing you will only cause long term damage to yourself. That damage sometimes isn't even obvious until years later but it can kill you, or, as with saybrook, make you unable to have children, permanent damage alters your life, and not usually for the better.

You are meant to be having ten times the amount you are having daily in order to keep your body healthy. The average person needs 1200 calories just to provide the body with enough energy to lie still and do nothing for a day! Imagine how much damage you are doing by only eating 35!!!

You may think you can carry on like this but maybe you don't know what it does to your body. If the body runs out of fat stores (it takes 12 hours of no food to start burning these, and with the amount of calories your eating, and the fact you are a dancer, your fat stores wont last/have lasted long) it starts breaking down the muscles to get its energy or something like that. I'm not definite how it works but I am definite that it weakens all of your muscles, including your heart, this is why many people with anorexia that die, die form heart attacks.

I'm not meaning to scare you, its jsut sometimes people aren't aware of just how much damage they are doing to themselves. You are saying that you don't feel hungry, well when people are eating as little as you are, they are ALWAYs hungry and after a certain time period of ignoring that feeling, it becomes natural to them and they don't remember what feeling hungry is like because they are feeling it all the time. It just becomes regular to them. Not eating slows down your metabolism meaning you burn fat slower so in the long term, you are only causing yourself more weight gain because as soon as you begin to eat again, you will gain weight faster than you otherwise would.

I would strongly advise you see a doctor but if you feel unable to do that, please talk to an adult you trust. You only get one life to live.

Big hugs! I know this is hard.

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