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[QUOTE=SammyT]hey guys!!

well. theres this boy in my class who i must admit lost alot of weight and has a lot of toned, thin muscle. now, at school he never brings lunches but always eats junk food like chips, chocolate, coke, twinkies, ect. my friends are convinced hes anorexic. he seems like he over excercises (it seems he tries to move ALOT), but i just dont think he is anorexic. i mean, ana's dont exactly eat junk food when they do eat do they? and this is like everyday for this boy. its so unhealthy. but then again, the odd days when he does have a lunch its all fruit pretty much. his family owns a restuarant so like 1nce a month hed bring chicken wings or something. And for like a week all he drank was big jugs of orange juice at school, so im convinced he tried that ":juice" diet. but does this make him anorexic? and he doesnt purge after he eats becasue he would eat chips and hang around for like 5 hours. so it woulda been digested by then.
what do u think this could be? just sad sad sad eating habits or the beginning of a brudal eating disorder?[/QUOTE]

I'm one of those anorexics that eats junk a lot, chocolate mostly. The reason why I eat it is that I don't seem to gain weight from it. I burn off sugar very fast. I think I may be hypoglycemic.

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