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Welcome to the boards. Im sorry uv had such a hard time recently. Im not an expert on this and im bulimic so the problem is different but the causes and what drives you to keep eating in this way are probably the same sort of things as somebody with bulimia or binge eating disorder. You have clearly already gone a long way to identifying root of the eating problem and thats where u should start.

Maybe you should see a counsellor. I have just started counselling and my counsellor is helping me get to the root of the problem first. Then you can start to find other ways of coping with problems that come up, alternatives to overeating. The eating problem probably will not disappear until you have sorted the causes and triggers out. Talking about them might really help you to put the whole thing behind u.

Have u spoken to ur wife about this?? She has obviously had a difficult time too and perhaps there is a bit of a communication problem as in u havnt fully discussed what happened in order to move on and so u are eating to compensate.

Like i said, Im no expert but u cant sort this out alone. Talk to a professional. Believe me I know its terrifying and takes a lot of guts but nobody could b more scared than i was and im so glad i went to my doctor and counsellor. It can b lonely dealing with an eating problem even if ur surrounded by people unless u talk to them and ask for help. A professional will take u seriously. They know these days that eating problems come in many different forms not just bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder. If its effecting ur life this much then u deserve help.

Hope this helps!


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