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Re: Body Image....
Jul 2, 2005
me 2 me 2 me 2. i weighed 80 lbs (5'2) at the beginning of the year, now i am 108 (5'2). and i look back and just gasp. like i looked horrible but i really did think i looked good.

its funny actually, in summer i went to the lake for a weekend and the ppl i know there havent seen me in a LONG time... so, i walked downstairs and they all went like :O . like they were stunned. the kids were like "omg sam ur anorexic omg omg!!" and tried lifting my shirt to see if they could see my ribcage (which yes u could have) and that really pissed me off. well i was at the fair 2 days ago and a boy from the lake at that time saw me...he asked what grade i was in and i was like "going into grade 10" but i knew exactly who he was. so i sed "hey! ur ur jane's friend Lane." and hes like " how do u know me?" " sam?" " OH MY GOD UR SEXY!!" haha he just threw his arms up in shock saying that! he had 2 li lfriends dying laughing and i was like "haha um, thanks!" he sed "I mean, well, u kno..its been a while, and haha yea.." he was all figgity. so throuhgout the whole day he wouldnt stop staring at me and he and his lil friend would wave HI SAM!! and stuff liek that. it was funny and actually made me feel good.

crazy eh? so when a gurl thinks she looks good she looks like **** but when she feels a bit on the chubby side she looks great!

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