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hello to everyone! :wave:

i havent posted in a month or so. hope all is well .... anyhow, i realize today is the worst day i have had in a while. everything has just come crashing down on me. first off, i am anorexic but in the last months have become bulimic, i have gained weight, i am so depressed and sick of life. i know its sounds pathertic, i just dont care. i went from 120 to 150. i mean yah im 5"5 but still i should not weigh that much. i let everything get out of control. i am on pills for depression now about a month. problem is becuse of weight gain i have avoided seeing family, well my husbands side at least. first off i never liked his side cause they never like me dont know why. they are hard to please, and very judgemental. so on this past easter i did not go with him for dinner, and i havent seen them very much since march. well, they called up last weekend and told my husband oh we feel like your wife has alienated her self from the family, we dont feel comfrtable coming to your guys house anymore. that just led to a huge argument between my huband and i . he know about the eating and depression, and my poor self esteem, i am on medice and trying hard. so i called mother in law up who hates me, and explained it nothing personal, and i had to tell her i have a n eating disorder and depression, and shes like well if you are on medicne you should be fine. they jus tdont get it. i dont want to go there on fathers day either, bad part is they are coming out tonite and leaving sun. god i am so sick of this :eek:

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